If you’ve been playing guitar for a long time perhaps advanced tuition is for you. There really is no point going to a teacher who can only play a few basic songs and only knows a few basic chords and even when doing that he struggles to make clean chord changes. Perhaps you wish to master chord harmony in the style of jazz guitarist Joe Pass.

If this sounds like you then I am sure my school of the guitar is for you. Lets take a look at a simple song like come on everybody written by Eddie Cochran this like many other rock n roll songs only has 3 chords but lets say you had to change that song instead of making it rhythmical as it is changing the song to chord playing, if your understanding of chord relationships is limited this task will not be possible for-you.

When you start my advanced classes such topics are taught. A good musician never limits himself, the more knowledge you have of how the guitar works whilst composing with others, you’ll be a better all round musician another way to advance quickly is to use private guitar lessons, they can help you progress quickly/