BB King lucille guitar tone


BB King is one of the worlds greatest blues guitarist of all time. Known for his distinctive big blues bend as well as his wonderful powerful voice, alongside those fabulous skills he had great stage personality too. At one point King was doing over 300 gigs a year and was still doing that whilst in 70s. So if any artist had experience of playing on the road he was a fine example. He has played alongside so many of the worlds greatest musicians

He continues to be one of the most influential artists in blues of all time and countless people still buy his music regularly.

So you’re a fan of King having some tuition with me could but you on the write track every single thing he ever did will be broken down into steps. With this method you will learn all his technique.

A favourite song of mine and students often want to learn is you better not look back. It’s a number written by the crusaders. He sings it with character surrounded by great chord changes combined with sweet tasteful blues licks.

One of the things King did the most was play tasteful licks around his voice a making sure not to repeat himself as he did so. If you look at him playing at the later stage of his life, you will notice that his playing matured significantly He often made quotations that his rhythm playing was sad which he could easily change with a teacher.

King Lucille Guitar
If you work on the exercises that I give you the Guitar Lessons teaching Mr King's licks will be easy to understand and eventually play when needed.

I am ready to teach all students who wish to learn King's style irrespective of any previous experience, all people have the ability to learn with the right teacher. I work the things out and cover your strength and weakness and show you how to apply what is inside you to work to your advantage.

Many of the blues artist never opted for a very loud stage sound do the rock artist of today. Sound is an important topic with me and something you learn to master. King used Gibson guitar for 40 years and named his one Lucille for sound he used Lab series L5 amplifier which punched out his great tones. There are many amplifiers on the market but with a good amp and the right technique you can get just about any sound you want from any guitar.

Having a lesson with me you will notice progression and you will notice your development weekly. It's nice being able to work things out and play what you hear, this is something you will achieve by learning the relevant exercise given to you by me every session.

As you get into each lesson you will find you did the right thing having lessons with me and will be proud of the outcome. Things like open chords, various scales as well as arpeggios and chord progressions are all part of the food at my studio designed to enhance playing.

After settling in and advancing one can consider a more complex level of teaching should you desire. King’s style is nice but you can go a long way past that at learning with me.

The right teacher such as I will give you all the King licks you need to know and show you how he got his unique tone as well as master any record he recorded. This type of skill can stay with you for life.