Bass Guitar Lessons for beginners


The Bass techniques we apply have taught countless of beginners as well as advance players alike each and every student has bettered their playing with our school of training thought.

We are known for our bass strategy has to be the best not just here in the UK but the whole UK. After revising countless students complaints with previous teachers in the past have a truly effective formula which will work with an absolute beginner or a novice as well as an advanced player feeling he or she is not progressing. I will show you how to tune a bass, change strings, as well as the nut, and fretboard.

The Bass school with me cover Blues, Funk, Jazz, Metal and Rock with the finger style or playing with a plectrum, I show you countless rhythm patterns as well as arpeggios, Riffs and Scales. Beginners bass lessons with me show you the best bass to buy for flexibility of tone and a decent amplifier to accommodate it which will help you perfect your sound control at different volume levels. Learning with Henry Thomas will ensure you progress way beyond your expectation.