Mastering Chuck Berry guitar style


Chuck Berry is one of the few Rock and Roll artists still alive and playing today well he is a legend and has written countless famous tracks and not to forget to mention the famous my ding a ling. This song took the world months to work out what he was singing about and naturally an MP in the UK find the reason to have the song band for its countless joke sexual innuendos.


Berry did some wonderful playing and created a style that well over 50 years still sounds fresh when you listen to today on the radio.

Berry showed just what talent he has when it comes to songwriting, listen to songs like Memphis Tennessee, Roll over Beethoven, The Promised Land, No Particular Place to Go, and a string of others hits, not to forget the very humorous track My Ding a Ling, this track took the world months before they finally found out what Berry was really singing about.

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Original school

We Love Berry and as well as they love traditional rock n roll all one has to give this artist the utmost respect. Our experience has shown us that once a player has a unique style from back in the 50s youngster love to learn his style as well as incorporate his methods into their playing we have helped hundreds of guitarist master this style of playing and are continuing to do so on a regular basis.