Guitar Demo for the studio


You can already keep the bar comfortably and obviously you are coming to the next Demo expecting to learn much more. If you are coming to me, you won’t be disappointed. Like in every discipline hard work is the key to success, but we mustn’t forget about few useful hints from someone, who teaches playing for nearly thirty years.

You may think that the only thing you need is hours of practice – I agree it is needed, but if you want to be more effective you should have your left hand set up by professional player and teacher, who knows how to protect you from all common mistakes which could block your progress for many years if you decided to play without any Demo.

You can learn foundation exercises from the book or internet course, you can learn chords, scales, etc.- everything is there for you, but I’ve never seen any book nor training CD with critic eye especially for you included, have you? That is why you can learn by yourself from the book and even be self content but nothing will beat the effect of good hands on tuition.

Believe me or not, but years of teaching assured me that every student needs some corrections and concepts how to overcome his technical problems from lesson to lesson. I don’t even want to think what would happen if they were never put right and they built new experience on top of old mistakes. And I can tell you one think more: I can always recognize which player had a private Demo – he is simply on a different level than people who studied themselves.