Eddie Van Halen


Eddy Van Halen is unquestionably one of the best established electric guitarists in the world despite the fact that millions of guitarist are all trying to sound like him. He was once asked what he thought of Ted Nugent? He replied he is a nice guy but I don’t like his tone, he also went on to talking about people’s special touch irrespective of settings.

Nugent once picked up Van Halen’s guitar with all Eddies settings and started to play, and guess what? He still sounded like Ted. The point he was making is each guitarist has a special touch which contributes to his or her unique tone and that was a example.

One of the advantages which Van Halen has is that he created something which no other rock guitarist did and this makes him unique. Loads of new guitarists are emerging on a daily basis they seldom have anything totally original to offer. His style of hammer ons and pull offs and two handed tapping technique and pinch harmonics are Van Halen trade marks. Eruption was one of the tunes where he utalizes the two handed tapping technique and it became a riff for developing guitarist to try to play and sound just like Van Halen.

Being an accomplished musician and able to play the saxophone and the piano as shown when he played Jump. Filling the sound working as a 3 piece band is something many players seem to be able to do but often their messy work is covered in distortion. Van Halen worked with his brother Alex and former bass players Michael Anthony who has now been replaced by Eddie’s son.

This means as of today 3 family members are now in the band, this may have been an intention for years or spontaneous .