Fretless Bass


Fretless Bass can be a wonderful thing to play. It can give you incentive for creativity plus it can encourage you to enhance your understanding of the fretless bass guitar. There have been many great Bass guitar teachers around but despite this they are hard to find. One perfect example of a fretless bass guitar sound is listening to the album by Paul Simon called Graceland.

Here he used the South African Bass Guitarist Bakithi Kumalo he used wonderful technique and generated some beautiful sounds.

Fretless Bass has a very distinctive sound from any other bass guitar. However, it can be played in a way where nobody could tell if you are using a fretless bass. This can be achieved by not doing any slides within your playing.

The Challenge
The fretless bass has been around countless people who love the sound of the bass have been curious to see what type of sounds they can achieve with the fretless bass and how they can apply it to a song and complement the song to a success with public.

The great thing today is the price you can pickup a decent amplifier to play your fretless bass from and reflect a great sound which will sustain your audience’s presence. The trick is when working on a low budget is getting a great sound from your bass and amplifier allowing the p.a. to reflect the sound.

The Solution
It is our advice to book some classes with Henry Thomas UK’s top session player and the Bass Teacher and reap the benefits yourself and see the outcome. Unlike many other teachers he has been playing bass from a small child and has studied it in great depth. Inclusive within his technique are Chords, Scales, Riffs Slapping and all other forms of techniques used by your favourite players. This and a whole lot more.

Students from all over the world love the sound of a Fretless Bass and need someone who can teach them just how flexible it can be to learn.

After discovering just how much fun it can be to learn a new instrument you will find yourself reading a lot and being more aware of someone else’s technique and approach. Many have the experience with some basic Bass but want to learn quickly. Instead of progressing slowly they want their technique to be correct and not formulate any bad habits. This often slows down your progress when you have to do more challenging exercises.

After playing Bass for many years, over forty in fact, one has the idea of the type of approach needed to make any student, despite their age, learn and enjoy as they progress with his unique style of teaching which continues to reward all those who start to learn bass.

Students as young as 5 have wanted to learn Bass Guitar and were struggling with lessons not down to their ability to learn but the teacher who was teaching.

Interestingly one student had over 100 Bass Lessons with a fretless bass yet was unable to play a few songs without problems. Even then with lots of duff notes but nothing clean. The teacher had started him off on a song which was to difficult for his playing ability at the time. Despite being fully aware of this he continued and in doing so the student lost interest as to be expected.

The training of the Bass offers a student many opportunities to find out how many other styles of playing exist and also how he or she can find them challenging at our school. All Lessons should be fun and students should do their given homework. This will enhance their Bass technique.

About us
Taught by one of the finest Bass Guitarist in the UK. What is more he is heavily established with many different styles plus has played session bass on tours with countless of the countries finest artist and he continues teaching Bass.