Funk Guitar Chords

Many People wanting to play Funk Guitar chords often believe that you have to be using 7th or 9th chords to sound funky, this is simply not true, you can play any guitar chord and make it sound like it is Funk.

If your into playing Funk guitar chords you really do need to listen to the pioneers of this music and the first person who comes to mind is Nile Rodgers the guitarist and co song writers of all songs written by Chic, Sister Sledge, he worked with countless other artist Like Diana Ross and David Bowie. He had a great feel for dance music and the ability to add his style to any music. A good example of good funk music is the song written by Nile and Bernard-Edwards for sister sledge called I’m thinking of you, a song loaded with-licks.

Funk music really does get people on their feet and when people hear a person who can play it well they will always get a positive responses. Chic’s N. Rodgers claims he knew 45 different inversions of every chord that he played and he said he used those inversions on every song which he played. He also claimed he has heard many people play his songs but he says if that what they think he is doing their completely wrong. He lord his chord inversions from George Van Epps. When he did this he applied them to Funk music.

Funk has a sound unlike any other music and many of today’s famous musicians owe Funk musicians the utmost alliance, a good example is the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Franz Ferdinand, they are only naming a few but in reality there are hundreds of bands who play Funk riffs on their songs. Dave Gilmore through in a couple Funk licks on the song the wall and it worked perfectly.

If you have not checked out Funk Chords then you can try giving me a call and I will teach you all there is to know about Funk and show you how you too can start creating your own Funk.