Guitar improvisation lessons

What do you want to see the Guitar Improvisation Lessons do next? A few months ago. Guitar lovers made contact with our school asking us to simplify our approach and we did just that and the outcome has been really great.

- We worked on some very tasteful riffs which help the student progress even quicker.

- Develop your ear for Guitar and work on our improvisation skills which will enable you-to play what you hear.

- No limitations on the experimentation on a variety of different Guitar effects which will help to further your ear to improvising over changes nad more by being able to recognise different tones.

- Learn how to get a big rock band sound using a combo amplifier playing Guitar Lead, this can easily be accomplished once you master a wide range of Guitar lead techniques and make your work outshine others.

- Communicate with improvisers worldwide and find out what works for them best on Guitar, master improvisation in Jazz and learn the lead concepts which Jazz players use and see how it can increase your improvisation understanding and add to your overhaul knowledge.

It often happens that people really reduce their ability by not being open to what they learn on Guitar Lead, there is no need for anybody to follow that route because even if they do not like this type of music what they can do is learn how they can apply it to music which they like which is something Scottie Moore and James Burton often did. I'm sure improvisation is one of the most desired things to learn, but you do not have to be a god to master it, anyone can learn to play lead and if you have the genuine interest to learn Improvisation then why not come to a class and see how I can help.