I recommend you try Mr John Mizarolli

Sometime this year a friend of mind is booking Mr John Mizarolli to help him brush up on his riffs technique as well as increase his sound and pick control at high volume.

People from all over the UK despite their level of playing wanted his help. The Guitar Riffs Techniques Master can help anybody in the world wanting to gain the benefits of the Guitar Riffs Techniques Master.

I’ve tried countless tutors all over the UK (this includes every teacher in London UK) for once I’ve come across a person who is a specialist in a wide variety of electric guitar licks and sounds, many people talk a good lesson but few can deliver what they say they can, however the Riffs-Techniques master put his money where his mouth is, and in doing so he proved he can outshine all his competitors anywhere in London. I think anybody serious about learning should try his classes for themselves.