Lead Guitar Lessons

Lead Lessons has to be one of the major reasons why people want to learn guitar and the reason speaks for itself especially when you see people like Buddy Guy play a solo.

One of the highly desired subjects which take the fancy of both young and old alike is music. With so many instruments to choose from and so many desired styles of music, it’s hardly surprising many people would like to buy or learn to play an instrument. If you love music and are thinking of getting into one well no need to travel very far for nothing, because the first thing I do is put you on the right track right from the start. At my lead lessons I’m trying to put you right on few common mistakes. I won’t deny that working on your technique is very important. Guitarists concentrate on the improvement of their technical abilities from the beginning of their musical development. Learning lead guitar is no different. Many theory techniques need to be mastered to be able to play-good lead guitar.

You need to work on your personal unique style and make the public really feel the soul inside of your music and should be able to tie up your audience with your expression and your phrasing as you improvise.

That may seem absurd to speak about that at your first lead lesson when you don’t even know how to play the most simple accords, but that is truth – you have to have it on your mind from the very beginning otherwise you have very big chance to become very average musician in future even if learn about lead guitar technique. Don’t worry, a good lead improvisation teacher will teach you all of that, and you’ll master how to use scales at my-lead Lessons.

Now the real solo begins!