Paul Weller, Sunflower


Sunflower is a great song written by Paul Weller, it’s on the CD called Wild Wood the sound is highly influenced by the Beatles and its lovely and bright written just for a rock band. It is combined with intelligent lyrics as well as good rhythm to make the track stand out. I saw Paul perform-this song live at the royal Albert hall in Kensington and when you hear the rhythm break after each chorus it really makes you feel you have to get up off your feet.

Rickenbacker and VOX AC30 tripled its sales when Weller started using them as his sound soon became the sound that many young rock bands wanted to have.

Mr Weller, the Jam, the Style Council, has guitar shaped his sound by using a few different guitars, these days he mainly uses an epiphone casino. If you wish to learn his guitar technique and better your playing ability then you need to start learning some of his basic guitar work like in the city, this will help master his guitar-style.

When Weller is Playing Sunflower, the technique he is using in the introduction and the chorus is known as arpeggios, he is using 4 chord shapes picking the first 3 strings of the guitar, he is using the same picking pattern across all the chord shapes, and he is using a flatpick to help him get his tone. The sound he uses is referred to as a bright sound and it sounds amazing on his Epiphone Casino. Learning the intro is easy, the hardest part of the song is getting the rhythm right after the introduction.

If you listen to the song you’ll get the rhythm which plays behind the verse right, he throws in some hammer ons and pull offs which makes the timing tricky to-learn.

If you’re looking for a teacher that has the skills to teach you everything you need to know about Weller’s guitar style, I'm sure I can help you learn how to play all his songs.

We love the technique the Beatles used and this song Sunflower written by Weller is a classic example of their sound. We can show you how to get this sound with technique and not buying a very expensive guitar like the Rickenbacker 330 which is what they used. You would be very surprised to know just how much tone quality can produced if you better you technique. Our teaching methods has helped all those wanting to better their tone without having to buying new equipment.